About us

At Errington Langer Pinner we do not seek to offer the cheapest service but the most cost effective in terms of the value you get from the work we have done and the fees we have charged.

When you deal with us you get the benefit of our knowledge and expertise in a variety of industries and specialist areas built up over 30 years.

We have comprehensive knowledge of all areas of tax and dealing with HMRC enquiries and investigations with a high success rate.

We are one of the country’s largest specialist in residential service charges and flat management companies.

Michael S. Pinner, Partner

Specialist Expertise

Property Companies

We have experience and knowledge in all aspects of property taxation and accounting compliance and deal regularly with estate and managing agents to assist with complex issues.  As property transaction amounts are always significant we recommend always speaking to a tax professional before making any decision as it is often too late afterwards.

SRA Reports

We are a qualified firm for the purpose of reporting to the Solicitors Regulation Authority on Client Money and offer a cost effective service to assist the smaller firm of solicitors.

Auto Enrolment for Payroll

We run a payroll bureau and are experienced in all aspects of auto-enrolment meaning that you will only have minimal dealings with third parties on an ongoing basis.  We will, effectively, run your complete payroll for you and also handle payments to your staff if necessary.

Tax Investigations

We have 30 years of experience (and a high success rate) of defending clients against aggressive HMRC enquiries.

Charity Accounts

We deal with a number of Charities in the public domain and are experienced in the particular issues that arise for Charity compliance.  If necessary we will draft your financial statements from scratch in a manner recommended by The Charity Commission.  We provide a service tailor made and cost efficient for the smaller Charity.

Audit and Assurance

We are Statutory Auditors and can offer an extremely cost effective service for smaller companies requiring an audit for voluntary reasons.

Medical Professionals

We have for many years dealt with a variety of medical professionals and are experienced in the complex issues that can arise for doctors, dentists and opticians.  We have particular experience in assisting with medical related tax investigations.

We Specialise in Being General Practitioners

As well as having some specialist areas we also have a wide variety of clients in different business sectors.  This means we do not become apathetic or formulaic with regard to new clients and always adopt a fresh approach.  We strongly believe that just because something has been done the same way in the past doesn’t mean it cannot be improved !

One Stop Shop for Accountancy

If you are a small business struggling with book-keeping demands we will provide a simple spreadsheet format for you to run your entire business, including vat and year end accounts, that will keep your accountancy fees down.  This can be sent to us regularly to assist with your compliance as necessary.